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Kiln make complex ideas simple and actionable, turns embryonic ideas into tangible businesses and cuts through the clutter to put in place the building blocks of innovation.

Managing Director, Targetspot

Revolutionizing Ad Tech
for a Cookie-less Future

Post Cookies

Leading the transition to post-cookie advertising with an emphasis on privacy and data integrity.

For Publishers

Low code, modular architecture, fully programmatic. Replace legacy systems with ease.

For Advertisers

CPM or CPA. Fetch or create audience segments. Dynamic targeting, including live product availability.


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We've helped catalyse growth, engagement and maintain the integrity of quality journalism in a privacy-first era.

Helping Publishers
Solve Current Challenges

Adapting to the digital shift and cookie phase-out.

Some of our recent projects:


Leveraging our proven expertise in device fingerprinting and probabilistic matching, we offer an innovative solution that combines probabilistic and deterministic methods to refine user identification. Our approach includes the use of hashed emails and cutting-edge matching algorithms, enhancing Publisher's ability to accurately identify users. This enables more targeted and personalised content and advertising, building on our track record of successful implementations.

Clean Rooms

Drawing on our expertise in establishing secure, data-sharing platforms for leading publishers, we have a deep understanding of managing sensitive information with the highest level of privacy. We help customers develop next-generation data management systems designed to ensure user privacy, while facilitating secure data analysis and sharing. Our solution is poised to redefine how sensitive data is handled, prioritising both security and accessibility.


Our innovative strategies have successfully empowered major media companies to engage with and monetise ad-blocked users through non-intrusive advertising technologies and value exchange models that honour user privacy and choice. We propose a multi-faceted approach to reach users employing ad-blockers, introducing premium content and alternative monetisation strategies that incentivise engagement while respecting privacy and enhancing the user experience.