Kiln Music is an offshoot of Kiln, which focuses on digital strategy, artist development, strategic partnerships & business development. We provide entertainment consultancy services to both artists & innovators.


  • We can optimise your position in the global streaming market
  • DSPs & strategic account management
  • Let us make the most of your data – we understand user & consumption trends; use data to inform marketing decisions
  • We can leverage the right opportunities with DSPs

Artists & Managers

  • With our in-depth knowledge of the streaming business, its stakeholders & their motivations
  • By helping you be strategic about your streaming career
  • Going deeper on the data – understand fan & consumption trends; use data to inform creative decisions
  • We’ll look further afield for opportunities in the digital space

Streaming Platforms

  • We’ll bolster partner development – optimise artist & label relations 
  • Leveraging your data for maximum gain
  • Boosting your geographical reach
  • By creating opportunities for strategic collaboration

Startups & Scaleups

  • With commercial, strategic or product development positions
  • Business development 
  • Partnership marketing
  • Growth strategies & new sector launches