We are Kiln

We work with tech innovators. Elevating their ideas, so they spark and catch fire in the media-tech space.

Years of experience in digital media has given us a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to craft the right solution, tailored to our partners’ needs. With a particular focus on strategy, product and business development.


Kiln Fire

This is the place for early stage ideas. We can help with business planning, brand and positioning, investment strategy and introductions.

Kiln Studio

Where our entertainment projects come alive. This includes Kiln Radio, a new podcast talking to experts from the media and tech industries.

Kiln Form

We can help create and deliver the optimal product for your business, with experience of working with both internal and external development teams.

Kiln Display

Where we drive revenue for upward companies, helping our partners quickly and simply start to generate money, through media partnerships.

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